We Are Not Troglodytes...
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I'm Rawly, and I am neither here nor there.

Here is where I document what semblance of a life I lead from the very cramped inside of my existential cardboard box.
We Are Not Troglodytes...
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*whispers "if you want to use your gorgeous locks for a cosplay, grow them out long, dye them red and cosplay Merida from braveeeee~"*

You people have the best suggestions. 


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=>Rawly: Be Meenah.

Yeah. You can do that. If ever you thought that you could not do that, you have a list of reasons that you’ve written up as to why you are wrong, and it is in fact an excellent plan at the ready in the event of such doubt. You always think ahead, after all. 

However, you cannot be Meenah at this immediate moment in time. You are not yet ready. But with time, energy, and the sacrifice of some $weet ca$h, you can, one day be Meenah. If we are to be specific, that day is the 23rd of May, so you’d better get started…

Okay, so what first?

You are at a loss as to how to begin. What is the protocol for starting a cosplay? You decide to consult your pal Cap, as they are wise with age, and an oracle of boundless cosplay wisdom. 

—-Open Skypelog—-

captoring: tip numero uno for not looking like shit is to get a wig

captoring: like. for real.

But then…what of all the times you opted to attempt Makaras due to the ease of playing a character with wild, curly hair like your own?

YOU HAVE MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE. Your kingdom was built upon lies, and it should be no wonder now that it crumbled before it even had a chance at glory. One day you may be on a level where you can put to use your FANTASTIC HAIR for cosplaying purposes, but alas, today is not that day. 

=>Rawly: Suck it up and buy a wig. 

 Ugh. Wig shopping is hard. You’ve been all over the internet for a whole fourty-eight minutes and you—oh hey, this looks promising. 


Oh man, this is terrific. With some styling and colour correction, you’ll be golden. Granted, you’ll have to actually learn how to style a wig, but just dig the back of this thing. Tell me that that doesn’t scream “dirty rattail” to you already. Oh yes. This is the wig. 

You add your prize to your cart, and with currency conversion it comes down to roughly $25 with free shipping. Radical. Your wig is purchased and on the way, and you won’t have to think of it again until it gets to you and you have to set about styling it. 

What Now?


eridan (the-slangdangler) and i up to more shenanigans in our blingee erisol cosplay. hahahah fun times. this photoshoot went on for so long. its really hard to get pics of boonbucks in mid air when you only have a shitty phone camera. hahah #quality

hope you can see my pointy gold grillz

bliing bliing biitche2

#two fly

photo creds to our wonderful kanaya : dont-speak-i-can-hear-you

I don’t even know anything about Peter Dinklage other than that he exists, but I wish he were my friend solely so that I could call him up on Saturday nights and ask him when he’s going out to get his drinklage on. 

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A young man???? stands in his bedroom. Well. It is not exactly his bedroom, merely the bedroom he is inhabiting at present. Also, he is not so much standing as sitting on the floor. It just so happens that today is the day the young man???? begins his first attempt at legit cosplay. What will his name be?

Enter Name.


…That’s a silly name. 

But in any case, your name is RAWLY, and you may or may not be IN OVER YOUR HEAD.

About three weeks ago you became fed up with your sparkling track-record of HALF-ASSED COSPLAY ATTEMPTS and failures. In an act of self-rebellion, you did something terrible. You gave in to the treacherous abomination that is your own boundless (and yet so pathetically finite) AMBITION


 r a w l y: Cap, can you feel it? 

captoring: i don’t feel anything

captoring: what is it i’m supposed to be feeling?

r a w l y: I feel it. This burn. This thrumming power coming from deep inside, upwards and outwards, as though it’s going to burst forth from my face in a roiling, surging torrent of glory. 

captoring: dude ew

captoring: feeling poetic today rawly? 

r a w l y: I’m saying I feel really gillvanized. I may be facing shellf-actualization. 

captoring: i see your fish puns are out in full force

captoring: very good

r a w l y.: I can’t stop. They’re like a disease. I used one once, and now everyfin that comes out of my mouth is briny as fuck.

r a w l y: But that is in fact relevant to what I was talking about. 

r a w l y: I was searching for a character to cosplay for the prom, and had just about resigned myself to a grim and mediocre eternity of more Makaras, (I had just opened an openbound video to check out Kurloz’s patterns) when I had an epiphany. She was right in front of me all along, and somehow I did not see her. It was Meenah. It was always Meenah. Upon closer analysis, I realized just how perfect a fit she’d be. Like, for starters, we are both sexy aquatic thugnasties, and v. regal. It was then that I reelized that I was Meenah all along. This is who and what I was meant to be. 

r a w l y: Cap, I was born to do this. 

r a w l y: So, yeah, basically I’m going to cosplay a slightly genderbent Meenah for Homestuck Prom.

r a w l y: I mean, like, I’m already a giant fish, so I’m like a quarter of the way there.

captoring: oh yeah you ARE a fish

captoring: dang son i keep forgetting it

captoring: so

captoring: the glasses

captoring: the horns

captoring: the troublesome wig

r a w l y: Yes. All of these things. I’ve got a shit ton of ambition and it is eclipsing all of my self-doubt, logic and common sense. I will utilize all of my strength, all of my creativity and skill with spirit gum to make Mannah a beautiful reality. I’m going to do it, Cap. Like. For realsies this time. I am going to legitimately attempt a (semi) searious cosplay. And If you think I won’t give him/her a dirty rattail you are sorely mistaken.

r a w l y: Also, if I try to back out of this in any way, reach through the computer and slap me in the mouth.

captoring: HELL YEAH!!!!



I apologize to any and all of you who aren’t prepared to put up with my latent, persistent and aggressive Homestucking. Homesticking? Whatever. My point is that I’m attempting to assemble/construct/pull-off a cosplay that can be taken at least semi-seriously for the first time (operative word here being attempting) for the thing I’m in half-charge of at the end of May. All of my past attempts have ended in calamity, but hopefully this one will be different. Ultimately, even if this attempt crashes and burns as well, at least it will be an adventure…

Or at least, that is the intent.


I propose a casting call for the titular role in a live-action version of “Freaky Fred”, but only Michael Fassbender is allowed to come to it. 


I don’t this strip would’ve happened if I hadn’t had to walk past the repulsive and impressively large “Teen Paranormal Romance” section of Barnes and Noble’s so many times in the past few years… “The shadow of that hyddeous strength, sax myle and more it is of length.” 


I don’t this strip would’ve happened if I hadn’t had to walk past the repulsive and impressively large “Teen Paranormal Romance” section of Barnes and Noble’s so many times in the past few years… “The shadow of that hyddeous strength, sax myle and more it is of length.” 


autobiographical images

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collage + gold paint

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reverse pigeon harpy???

Lest we forget.



reverse pigeon harpy???

Lest we forget.

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